Touch cash register VariPOS


Touch cash register VariPOS
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All-In-One & Multitouch POS Solutions

Home Solutions

Today, customers can have the choice of: their food, how to order and how to pay. Customers always want to reduce their waiting time. Thus, it is a great challenge for companies to serve their customers as quickly as possible, more efficiently while increasing their sales.

VariPos helps you maximize your efficiency while reducing the waiting time for your customers. customers. The VariPos docking solution is extremely stable and powerful thanks to the Intel® Pineview processor and its exceptional energy saver.

VariPos offers a customization of the color of the device to harmonize with the image of your establishment. This powerful computing platform is ideal for shop owners who want to improve the satisfaction of their customers, speed up the procedures employees and reduce operating costs.

Retail Solution

Today, the relationship between manufacturers and retail stores is complex. To sell to their customers, retailers and manufacturers need a smarter system. This system makes it possible to have a follow-up for each article of the stock. Thus, it makes it possible to analyze a vast quantity of data and to transform them in real time, in a real added value for the company.

The solution of the retail sale VariPos also offers a wide range of POS peripherals including cash drawer, customer display, keypad, printer, scanner, etc. VariPos retail solution flexibility helps retailers stay ahead of the pack customer expectations while helping them prepare for increased demand.


• Intel® Pineview D410 1 D510 1.66GHz Built-in CPU

• A 15 "touch screen with projected capacitive technology (TCP) or Resistive Technology

• Flexible 7 "LCD Customer Display, Magnetic Card Reader, iButton, Fingerprint Reader, RFID

• Aluminum Base & Display for Adjustable Clients

• Color Harmonization VariPos according to the colors of your company

• Waterproof IP 66 certified

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