Touch cash register ToriPOS


Touch cash register ToriPOS
Description :

ToriPOS is CASH SYSTEMES INDUSTRIE's revolutionary POS terminal

With its small size, the ToriPOS offers maximum performance, safe operation, energy efficiency, and adaptability. ToriPOS integrates the Intel Core ™ Desktop 3 Generation to provide stable, secure and reliable performance. ToriPOS has a reliable functionality and a sober design thanks to a touch screen in TCP (projected capacitive technology), bezel-free and a robust die-cast aluminum housing. ToriPOS delivers flawless operation that increases efficiency, provides fast service, and a satisfied customer.

Outstanding technology and improved management

ToriPOS integrates 3rd Generation Intel Core processor to deliver performance exceptional. Its visual performance will make your user interface more enjoyable and faster. ToriPOS works with the Intel ® vPro Technology ™ Intel ® Core i5 - 3550S Quad Core 3.0 GHz processor that supports AMT (Active Management Technology). It is now possible to remotely diagnose, troubleshoot or repair all problems, all independently of power and OS status.

Complete device integration

The connection points on the sides of the screen allow you to customize the combination of devices such as magnetic card reader / Dallas lock / RFID reader / fingerprint reader, etc. Different accessories are available, the functionality of ToriPOS is thus further improved. This integration gives the ExPos a pure and simple design. In addition, a client screen can be added.

ToriPOS offers different types of display: alphanumeric / 7 "LCD screen / 10" LCD screen to meet different display requirements. Customer LCD screens are perfect for advertising and promotional offers.

Profile aluminum design

ToriPOS impresses with its streamlined appearance. Its solid glass surface is framed by a sturdy aluminum housing. ToriPOS manufacturing is unique with a touch screen with true projected capacitive technology (TCP), an ultra thin aluminum housing (thickness less than 2 cm) .ToriPOS provides a perceptive operation interface and a longer service life. produced for high-speed retail companies with proven TCP technology ....

Hidden cable management

With ToriPOS the ports are fully centralized, it is easier to manage cables, change components and provide multiple connectivity for different configurations. All cables are organized under the aluminum base, no cable is visible from your counter. In addition, the various cables for LCD, touch screen and touch controller are replaced by a single integrated cable to make the system more reliable.

Flexible design ToriPOS has modular device connectivity, but so does the motherboard, which makes it easier to maintain later. It is easy to remove the system module from the inside by releasing four screws. Then, just perform the memory upgrade / replace the motherboard and thus it reduces the additional maintenance costs.

System heat management

You will be impressed by the elegant appearance of the ToriPOS is made with aluminum materials to ensure efficient heat removal. ToriPOS is equipped with an avant-garde thermal dispersion design that manages the heat exchange. So you work on a reliable, high-performance system.

Data Backup

You've probably encountered this problem when you lose your data, often during hours when you have a lot of customers. The loss of this data can be avoided thanks to ToriPOS.

With Intel Express Chipset Q77, ToriPOS supports RAID 0 & 1 configurations, which can be configured in either band (performance) or mirrored (security) volume with the benefit increase storage performance and data protection.


• 3rd Generation Intel Core Destop Processor with increased performance and capacity to increase the power of your software

• Integrates Intel HD, to manage intensive graphics applications

• Intel Active Management Technology for remote management and keyboard / video / mouse control of (ToriPOS 915)

• Flat screen 15 '' in TPC (Projected Capacitive Technology) & multi function -touch

• Appearance design

• Ability to add a screen of 7 or 10.4 '' or alphanumeric customer display

• Robust construction: aluminum base with adjustable angle - Standard IP66 Cert ifie (front panel)

• Includes magnetic card reader, Dallas lock, RFID reader, and fingerprint reader

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