SpaTime by BAYROL: Cleaning and cleaning gloves for cleaning and maintaining your spa

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SpaTime by BAYROL: Cleaning and cleaning gloves for cleaning and maintaining your spa
Wednesday, September 10, 2014Description :
Hot bath bubbling, the spa is a real place of relaxation where minds can rest from daily stress and tired muscles can be revitalized. However, to preserve this space guaranteeing well-being and pleasure, the water must be pure and irreproachable in terms of hygiene because this hot and humid environment is conducive to the proliferation of bacteria. In addition to disinfection, which is an essential step, and the pH control that ensures good water quality, spas must be regularly maintained and cleaned so that they remain a pleasant place. It is therefore important to remove deposits on the walls of the spa and in the piping systems, to prevent the formation of foam after the activation of the jets ...
To clean the spa, BAYROL, which has developed a range dedicated to spa, SpaTime by BAYROL, launches 2 new references:
- Impregnated cleaning gloves: to effectively and effortlessly clean all spa surfaces.

- Pipe Cleaner: Pellets to degrease and clean the hydraulic circuit of the spa.
New SpaTime by BAYROL Cleaning Gloves: Cleans Spa Surfaces Effectively and Ease
The new SpaTime by BAYROL cleaning gloves make it possible to instantly and effortlessly clean the walls of the spa. Impregnated with a special, non-foaming solution, they eliminate the greasy edges on the water line, traces of dirt and limestone that can form as the baths.

The SpaTime by BAYROL cleaning gloves restore simplicity, brightness and cleanliness to the surfaces, without requiring the use of other complementary products (cleaner, sponge, cloth ...).

Practical, they are available in a reclosable bag, to preserve their softness and their humidity. Each glove is used on both sides.
New Cleaning Pipe SpaTime by BAYROL: degreases and cleans the hydraulic system
The piping systems of the spas are difficult to access, which favors the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of deposits of impurities over time. These deposits can cause problems in the treatment of water, alter the action of the disinfectant and the quality of the water.

In the form of pellets, the SpaTime by BAYROL Pipe Cleaner was specially designed for thorough cleaning of all spa tubing.
Very simple to use, simply add the granules (200 g / m3) of Pipe Cleaner in the pre-filter, or dilute them in 5 L of water and pour the dilution into the bath water before Every emptying of the spa water.
SpaTime by BAYROL: a complete range for spa maintenance and disinfection

With 16 references, the SpaTime by BAYROL range covers all stages, from water balance to disinfection, to cleaning of surfaces. It thus makes it possible to meet all the needs of the individuals in terms of maintenance of the water of the spas.
Maintain good quality and balance of water

The pH influences the comfort of bathers, the life span of the spa and the effectiveness of water care products. This hot medium tends to increase the hardness of the water and to form deposits of limestone. It is therefore important to control and adjust, if necessary, the hardness, alkalinity and pH of the water. BAYROL offers:
- the test strips, to check the pH and disinfectant values,

- Alca Plus treatment, to adjust the alkalinity of the water and stabilize the pH,

- Anti-limestone, to prevent the deposits of limestone and to avoid that the water becomes turbid,

- pH Minus and pH Plus, to adjust the pH value which must be between 7.2 and 7.6.
Disinfect regularly to benefit from clear, pure water

It is essential to disinfect the spa water before or after each bath to avoid the risk of infections due to the proliferation of bacteria, micro-organisms and algae. BAYROL offers different treatment methods:
- Disinfectant plus, for a weekly basic treatment.

It prevents water quality problems, ensures additional disinfection, in addition to the traditional disinfectant of the spa (chlorine, bromine or active oxygen), and keeps the water crystalline.

- Chlorine Microbils, to disinfect and guarantee a healthy water of the spa. A fast dissolving, no residue, it does not discolor the surfaces.

- Brome Pastilles, to disinfect the water continuously and without residual odor.

- Active Oxygen Granules, to guarantee a gentle, chlorine-free disinfection, and to offer an optimal bathing comfort (fresh water, not irritating to the skin and the hair, without odor).

- Active Oxygen Activator, to optimize the efficiency of active oxygen.
Clean filters and maintain surfaces

The spas are equipped with a filter pump for the good circulation of the water. It will distribute the products uniformly so that they act at all levels of the circuit. The filter cartridge must be cleaned and cleaned to ensure its performance. BAYROL offers:
- the Filter Cleaner, in the form of a bag for cleaning the filter cartridge,

- Clarifiant, to prevent problems with cloudy water in the spa.
And to maintain the spa:
- Water Line Cleaner, to remove unsightly deposits on the walls,

- Anti-Foam, to prevent the formation of foam on the surface of the water.
Customized kits adapted to each spa

SpaTime by BAYROL is available via its resellers in "custom kits" to meet the specific needs of each spa owner in terms of choice of disinfection method and water balance.

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