Pillivuyt: 200 years of innovation for restoration

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Pillivuyt: 200 years of innovation for restoration
Wednesday, October 1, 2014Description :
A prestigious brand of French porcelain and the undisputed reference of the most beautiful tables in the world, PILLIVUYT has preserved and perpetuated for 200 years the know-how of its teams and presents, at Equip'Hotel 2014, innovations that meet expectations Of the restoration professionals of the 21st century!

Moving towards the future, it intends to impose its roadmap built on radically human values ??and relayed by a policy of sustained innovation. With 225 employees, Pillivuyt is now the largest employer in the porcelain sector in France and has always combined tradition with the technological advances discovered in its integrated laboratory.

This high-tech dimension is reflected in many manufacturing processes that enable Pillivuyt to offer products with high added value, designed to support the development of new professional uses. For porcelain, the challenge is to guarantee the best alchemy between dough, design, enamelling and cooking to offer resistant, beautiful, durable and adapted products. A challenge that Pillivuyt has always been passionate about!

PILLIVUYT: a 100% French company, more local, more ethical!

Labeled as a Living Heritage Company, a state recognition mark set up to distinguish French companies from the best artisanal and industrial know-how, Pillivuyt is also the only French porcelain manufacturer to manufacture its pastes and produce the whole Of the industrial operations on its site of Mehun-sur-Yèvre (18) where the industrial tool has continuously evolved thanks to robots and new machines. The decoration and logistics are also integrated into the factory.

This 100% French specificity arouses a real interest on the part of catering professionals who favor these local and ethical productions, helping to maintain the economic fabric of an entire region.

PILLIVUYT: a company with a sustained innovation policy

Finally, Pillivuyt is above all products in the air of time. From the traditional cooking product to the most design of dishes, the brand imposes trends in the world of tableware (one remembers the Alizée, Quartet, Vendôme, Marianne ...). In addition, over the past 24 months, two major patents have been filed and the company already has over 100 registered trademarks and forms.

Six patented technologies are also part of Pillivuyt DNA.

Pillivuyt® is a hard material obtained from a unique blend of kaolin, clay, feldspar and quartz. Baked for the first time at 980 ° C., it is then baked a second time at 1400 ° C.

Pillenium® is up to 7 times stronger than other pastes and makes it possible to produce finer, lighter and therefore easier to use products.

By cooking the decoration at very high temperatures (1,250 ° C), Pillideco® makes it possible to incorporate the pigments in an inalterable way into the enamel of the article.

Pilliflame® paste is specially designed to withstand extreme shocks (allowing cooking on any type of appliance including the flame).

Among the novelties, the new casserole Ulysse has the technology Pillinduc® which allows cooking on all types of lights including induction.

Pillibloc® is characterized by the deposition of silicone in a double groove dug at the base of the products. This method allows the articles to be non-slip on any surface, even with an inclination of 30 °.

Pillivuyt cooks its pasta at very high temperatures, which makes it possible to produce totally non-porous parts that are very resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks.

What's new on Equip'Hotel

At Equip'Hotel, new products in line with current restoration trends are previewed.

The color sits at the table!

The color dresses several lines and blends with the collections of white wool porcelain thanks to the enamels of which Pillivuyt perfectly master the technique. Thus, Brittany is declined around the blue to evoke this region of sea and light, Eclectic offers pieces in shades of chic gray. Bronze colors a selection of well-known pieces of an eponymous brown enamel with "matter" effect, alternating with gloss and matt ... for a raw and natural rendering, which upsets the conventions. Finally, Teck, a new line with subtle reliefs, inspired by nature, takes again some of these colors to decline in white, granite, light blue, honey, bronze ... and thus make infinite the associations of forms and colors.

These new products are made with colored enamels elaborated within the factory. Cured at high temperatures, the colored pieces retain their strength and quality in the time that makes the brand strong.

Culinary porcelain makes its show!

The new Ulysse range is made of Pilliflamme® paste which gives it high resistance to shocks, thermal and mechanical. Ulysse combines a wide range of containers and casseroles that are used directly on the flame, in the traditional oven and in the microwave. Some models of casserole dishes benefit from Pillinduc® technology and are also used on induction plates.

The use is safe, thanks to this technology which limits the power received by the casserole. In addition to multi-purpose cooking, the Ulysse casserole can prepare and store the dishes, and serve them directly at the table.

Designed by Sylvie Amar, the cocottes are aesthetic and practical, and the smart lid of models Ø15 cm and Ø 20 cm turns under the flat during the service. Stackable, Ulysses cocottes can be stored easily and are guaranteed non-stick and scratch-resistant. Aestheticism and guaranteed space saving!

Pillivuyt is also interested in pastry ...

With its Patisserie range of 12 pieces for preparation and service, Pillivuyt reaffirms its crossover positioning. The 7 molds (pie mussels, mussels, tart molds and muffin molds) and the 5 service pieces (mugs, plates, serving dishes) are made of Pillenium®. This specific dough allows a quality cooking thanks to the optimal diffusion of heat in the cooking molds. It also offers ultra-fine pieces for a valued service and a resistance that allows pastry chefs a great flexibility in use: preparation, freezing, traditional oven or microwave.

All Pillivuyt cooking products can withstand temperature differences of -30 ° C to +350 ° C and are extremely easy to clean. Non-porous and very resistant to knife scratches or other metal utensils, they accompany each chef or pastry chef at all stages, from preparation to table service, which also allows cutting directly into dishes. Beautiful and clever!

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