S.A founded in 1991 by Jean-Christophe Russier and Guy Cortey, the company ORCHESTRA Software has built its reputation on the quality of its products and services. Expert in hotel computing, management and collection solutions, the company develops specialized software for hotels, bars, breweries, restaurants, bakeries, groceries, florists, home delivery companies, caterers and retail shops (except Retail Size / Color) under Windows.

Approved, supported and financed by prestigious partners such as Anvar and the Casino Group, ORCHESTRA Software offers quality, reliable and up-to-date solutions and is now positioned in France as a leader in the software solutions market. management and collection for points of sale.

The company has been successful since its inception. In November 2014, more than 12,000 establishments in France and abroad (just over 20,000 licenses installed) have adopted the Orchestra software, which has since become one of the most complete and most effective management and collection solutions. known on the French market and in many French-speaking countries.

Orchestra software creator, bestseller of its generation, ORCHESTRA Software was the first publisher in France to open a scalable range of professional Windows software to small, medium and large hotel establishments. Since 1999, all sectors of activity on which a collection point can be located find a reference in the Orchestra range.

Designed around a high-quality architecture, the software of the Orchestra range is ergonomic and user-friendly. It brings to the screen the familiar environment of the hotelier, the restaurant owner or the shopkeeper. In a user-friendly and intuitive way, they guide the user with simplicity and logic in his day-to-day management tasks. The touch mode allows perfect use without keyboard or mouse. Easy learning and rapid training. Solutions particularly adapted to users who are not familiar with computers.

Today, Orchestra teams massively the French market and Central and West Africa. Orchestra software is available in French, English and Spanish.

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