New mixed oven, new structure: MKN settles in France

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New mixed oven, new structure: MKN settles in France
Tuesday, July 22, 2014Description :
Professional Horizontal and Vertical Cooking Equipment Specialist

MKN is the German specialist for the development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of high-end professional cooking thermal technology. The engineer Kurt Neubauer founded this factory of manufacture of cooking materials in 1946 and this SME still belongs to his family. The history of this company, which is over 65 years old, is marked by significant growth, technical innovations and numerous awards. Thanks to this experience, MKN offers a wide range of high-quality, high-quality products that are MKN's worldwide reputation.

Flexibility: only benefits.

The cooks are enthusiastic about the new FlexiChef MKN, this multifunction cooking appliance. The FlexiChef convinces you by the fast, precise, effective cooking sequence, but also by its multifunctionality. Cook, roast, bake or fry, all with the multi-talented appliance. The tank can be modulated to four different temperature zones thanks to the patented Turbo PowerBlock system. It reduces energy consumption and ensures very high efficiency.

The best is the FlexiChef MKN. It is the first horizontal multifunction device equipped with a patented automatic cleaning system The SpaceClean: no more manual cleaning chores the SpaceClean program takes care of with very little water. The cleaning operation is controlled and controlled, which allows you to switch from one function to another in less than 3 minutes without detergent and very little water.

The MagicPilot control makes it possible to work in manual or fully automatic

With the AutoChef function extremely easy to use it can integrate not only cooking programs but also trials, with text, photo, or video. Simple and safe child's play.

With very low installed power, the cooking times are the fastest on the market in this type of appliance.

The pleasure of cooking!

The entire range of MKN MagicPilot and Classic ovens are flexible.

They can receive all the alternatives of plateries and supports of the market.

For more safety and ease of handling, loading is carried out on the transversal EasyLoad system. The volume of the muffles makes it possible to optimize the surface and the cooking capacity.

Steam production is ensured by state-of-the-art DynaSteam technology (patented) and the use of a heat exchanger:

After 67 years of experience in the cooking world MKN has been working for several years on reducing the consumption of fluids (electricity, gas and water) by maintaining high yields.

Coupled with a reflective and innovative manufacturing (triple-glazed door, high-performance turbine engine, muffle and 316 stainless steel heat exchanger).

Several intelligent functions ensure perfect cooking results, capacity advantages and outstanding water and energy consumption. This is transparent by displaying GreenInside water and energy consumptions after each cooking process on the control panel. This information can be collected later.

The settings and scheduling are made by touching just like on tablets and smartphones by Touch & Slide technology. An exceptional original aspect of the FlexiChef and FlexiCombi is the concept of using MagicPilot. As in modern communication technology, these devices are controlled by touch screen, in a simple and intuitive way. For every person who uses his smartphone daily, handling with MagicPilot becomes child's play. Success in the field of large kitchens begins with good technique. Simple, precise, intuitive.

Special assistance is provided to cooks thanks to the programs and processes integrated in the ovens as well as explanatory videos.

But behind all this our employees work every day to develop the range. At MKN there is approx. 500 people who work day after day in search of global solutions for professional kitchens, most of whom are cooks and have a great deal of practical know-how.

France is a very special market in Europe for the high-end cooking technique. By cooperating with ACMC for 6 years, MKN is present in a large number of professional kitchens both in community. Since the beginning of 2014 MKN has set up its own sales team and technical department to confirm its development. The MKN France team will be pleased to invite you to a day of demonstrations at their various training centers (Bussy St. Martin 77, St André 38, Obernai 67, St. Jean de Mont 85, St. Maure de Touraine 37, Nogent le Roi 48).

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