New i5 fanless processor for the Sango d'Aures Technologies terminal

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New i5 fanless processor for the Sango d'Aures Technologies terminal
Tuesday, February 11, 2014Description :
Sango in version i5: reduced power and increased security thanks to the i5 processor.

Presented in preview on EuroCIS 2014, this new version of the Sango terminal is offered with a choice of 4 processors, including an Intel Ivy Bridge i5 fanless.

Five times more powerful on average than previous generation processors, but still fanless (without ventilation), the i5 allows an unmatched speed level, with automatic acceleration when necessary (turbo-boost); Many multitasking applications are permitted, without any contraindication or "downsizing" of the machine in case of multiple requests: the cashing function with simultaneous diffusion of images (or video and multimedia content) on the 2nd screen As well as browsing the Internet, viewing and downloading data (images, video, music), remote data management and control (inventory, sales, balances, etc.), Etc.

In addition, many management and collection software associated with sango version i5 will be "boosted" by this increased power (higher speed of applications, transactions and data processing, in front office as in back office).

Fanless, the i5 processor also guarantees less power consumption (only 17W) and a carbon footprint therefore reduced to the POS space.

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