Nestor Bottle Cooler

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Nestor Bottle Cooler
Description :
This machine to refresh the bottles, or chill, is to the cold what the microwave is warm. Five minutes are enough to put in ideal temperature 4 bottles of champagne that leave their cardboard. For white alcohols, only 20 seconds are enough to glaze the glasses. The Nestor Chiller comes in addition to cold cabinets or temperate cellars. This refresher, or chiller in English, brings a speed of service that appreciates the restorers. Nestor is equipped with 4 timers to regulate the time required. The speed of cooling retains the organoleptic qualities of the wines, an affirmation confirmed by great sommeliers. A customer served quickly consumes more, especially if it is rosé wine, white or champagne, because the bottle is very fresh.Fini bottles wet difficult to hold in hand when leaving the ice bucket.A cold wardrobe goes up very Quickly in temperature if it is open often and the wines are therefore never at the right temperature. The solution: the Nestor bottle cooler

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