MMC-T10 / MMC-T20 call base (optional)


MMC-T10 / MMC-T20 call base (optional)
Description :

MMC-T10 Call Base

The MMC-T10 Call Base allows you to call a customer when their order is ready or their turn has arrived. Its transmission power makes it possible to cover large areas.


• Transmission frequency: 433.500MHZ

• Transmission distance: 800m (outdoor)

• Dimensions: 22 x 13x 4.5 cm

• Alerts: Sound and / or light and / or vibration

• 2 year warranty


• Sober design, suitable for all environments

• Reliable and robust

• Economical price

MMC-T20 (optional)

• Pairing the Bipeur with the order number

• Displaying the waiting list on the screen of the base

• Monitoring waiting times with stopwatch

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