Krampouz surfs the trend of snacking

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Krampouz surfs the trend of snacking
Monday, October 17, 2016Description :
With an ever shorter lunch break, snacking, foodtruck and now "fast casual" (high-end fast food) have the wind in their sails. Always looking for simple and quick solutions to eat, consumers are not ready to renounce the quality of what is on their plate. "Eating fast, but eating well" is the motto that summarizes this new mode of restoration.

Krampouz, the undisputed reference for top-of-the-range snacking equipment, has decided to develop and market a new stainless steel plancha and two new models of chocolate heater. The aim is to bring solutions adapted to the new needs of professionals directly linked to the emergence of this trend: to combine fast and qualitative cuisine.

The "Automatic Control System", an innovation on the market!
Today, 75% of restaurants offer a gourmet burger. Unique on the market, the stainless steel plancha "Automatic Control System" perfectly meets this trend, because of its ease of use, its cooking performance and its simplicity of cleaning.
Thanks to its speed of temperature rise and its automatic temperature control system (the user indicates the desired heating temperature, then the plancha itself is responsible for maintaining this temperature throughout cooking). Plancha "Automatic Control System" meets the requirements of reliability and efficiency expected by professionals.

High precision cooking, homogeneous distribution of the heating, high yield (140 steaks per hour) ... are all assets for the professionals of snacking and take-away.

Developed and manufactured by Krampouz in its Pluguffan plant in Brittany, with components and materials of very high quality, this plancha impresses by its reliability and robustness but also by its energy performance. Its design ensures a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

2 new chocolate heaters complete the range!
The products to dipper and spread have been successful (sales have increased by 7% in Europe) and this Krampouz understood it. Following the success of the simple chocolate heater launched in 2014, Krampouz decided to expand the range by offering a double and a triple model.
The chocolate heater makes it possible to keep warm sweet or salty preparations for a simple and fast filling of pancakes, waffles, churros, ice cream ...
Thanks to its precise temperature control, ease of use and easy cleaning, this warm-up device will perfectly meet the expectations of snack, take-away and catering professionals.
Each bottle receiver is equipped with its own switch and control button. The bottles can therefore be kept warm at different temperatures.

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