Interior number plate for relief and braille


Interior number plate for relief and braille
Description :

Name plate with number in relief and transcription braille.

Plaque in rigid PVC of 3mm + blue figure in ABS of 1mm for an optimal reading (visually impaired people).

Braille marking (French), always placed at the bottom left of the plate , So that the blind person (blind) does not have to look for the information Braille will give him.

Dimension of the plate: 120 x 70 mm.

Fixed double face provided, glued to the back of the plate.

Contrast of the colors in conformity with the law of accessibility in force.Number of door beveled on 1 mm in order to break the edge which could be injuring.

Signal of sober door, ideal for institutions: EPAD, schools, retirement houses ...

This nameplate meets the standards for accessibility legislation for persons with visual disabilities: color contrast, French and / or English braille, relief figures 1 mm thick.

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