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As you all know, customers are more and more volatile, and only an effective loyalty system, can keep customers, and offer them a set of commercial offers, more interesting than the others.//

With the GIV4U software, restaurants, bakeries, take-away sales, will be able to retain their customers in the image of major brands.


Offer your direct customers a high-performance loyalty system, just like what the large groups offer to their customers.



This module allows customers to accumulate points based on their purchases. The value of a point is configurable for each establishment. Once the minimum number of points has been reached, the customer can choose to redeem these points for money by crediting his loyalty account. The customer may also choose to redeem these points for gifts.


This module is actually the virtualization of the buffer card that can be obtained in a pizzeria or fast food. By purchasing particular items, the customer gets tampons. Once the minimum number of stamps has been reached, the customer can obtain one or more items offered.The most common example is for 10 Pizzas bought, 1 Pizza offered .


This module allows to boost sales points by communicating with the customers. The point of sale can communicate in different ways with the customers: E-mail, SMS, Facebook (publication of the offer on the Facebook page of the sign), Twitter.//

When going to the cash register, the customer sees himself offer all available offers at this time .

-- It is possible to create different types of offer:

• The welcome offer encourages the customer to create his loyalty card. This offer is for single use only

• Anniversary offer allows to reward the customer on his birthday. Shortly before his birthday, the client receives an invitation explaining what he can benefit if he shows up at the point of sale on his birthday

• The so-called classic offers. These offers can be created from the Giv'4U web service or directly from the POS.

--One offer, regardless of its type, can be either:

• Value: X discount

• Percentage: X% discount

• Offered: X bought X offered

All offers can be with or without a minimum purchase. The classic offers can have a recurrence, that is to say that we can decide when the offer will be accessible (Only Thursday and Friday from 18h to 22h).


This module allows to have a grade for each client. Giv'4U offers 4 levels: Normal (usually basic status) / Member / VIP / Elite.//

A default client is created with the status Normal. However for special customers, it is possible to choose a higher status. To change status, a customer must generate revenue. The different amounts to switch status are configurable for each site.//

These statuses can be used for 2 things:

• Rate change, a VIP customer could benefit from a preferential rate compared to a Normal or Member customer.
• Preferred item (s) offered, a very good client who has been awarded Elite status could be offered one of his 3 favorite items at each of his checkouts.

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