Four Kwik-co de Salva: a new era in cooking in front of the customer

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Four Kwik-co de Salva: a new era in cooking in front of the customer
Thursday, March 20, 2014Description :
The Kwik-co furnace opens a new era in cooking in front of the customer.

Salva offers the most efficient oven, in terms of energy, of the market.

New insulation solutions, latest-generation refractory lenses and software programmed to achieve the highest cooking efficiency of each kW consumed.

The result is an energy consumption of only 55% of the cooking time at full load.

The straight-forward design, the latest generation materials, such as tempered glass, and the quality of its components constitute a new concept of oven.

This new Kwik-co is a reflection of the experience and knowledge acquired by the human team that makes up SALVA since 1984, when this product line was launched.

The new Kwik-co brings all the necessary elements to distinguish your establishment from others.

The new Kwik-co has been carefully designed to the smallest detail to make it an oven with a unique aesthetic, offering an excellent homogeneity of cooking and a robustness "zero breakdown".


The Kwik-co oven can be mounted with three different control panels:


With the PREMIUM control panel you have complete control with the management program "SALVA LINK"

Salva Link is the management program that allows total control of all points of sale.

With the aid of a PC, it is possible to connect all the ovens and the controlled fermentation chambers of each of the premises.

With Salva Link the management of the points of sale is much more efficient, it is possible to:

• Create new recipes and download them to all devices.

• Modify existing recipes.

• Check the condition of each appliance at any time.

• Making intelligent decisions about the devices: keep them running, switch them to low-power mode or stop them.

Salva LINK, is the bakery management program that saves energy costs, productivity and responsiveness in the event of a breakdown.

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