COLL'NET payment and order picking terminal


COLL'NET payment and order picking terminal
Description :

The architecture

Our COLL'NET system is based on a Client / Server architecture: the server station hosts a central PERVASIVE SQL database, the client computers (boxes), terminals and management stations have a local database that is updated at the beginning of each service.

During normal operation (connected mode), POS terminals ("Point of Sale Terminals" or "Boxes") feed the central database of the transactions they record, that is to say the tickets of the guests. POSs update customer balances stored on the Server.

In case of network failure or impossibility for the POS to communicate with the Server, the local stations switch to "Local mode":

• the cashiers will be able to record the transactions of the guests, they will be stored temporarily in the database LOCAL data of each station the time to solve the problem of connection with the base of the Server. Once the link is restored, the tickets saved in local mode will go back to the server and impute customer balances.

The TPVs then go back online.

If the management stations and the server are provided by you, you will find in appendix the technical characteristics necessary for the proper functioning of the COLL'NET application on these stations. Our COLL'NET software allows to export the data in text format (txt, csv, ..).

These exports can be integrated with third-party applications with imported modules by field correspondence. Backups will be performed on the media of your choice and may be automated via software that you may already be using or by Windows scheduled tasks.

Remote maintenance will ideally be done via the TEAMVIEWER software, however if a solution already exists for other applications in your environment, we are able to reuse it.

User and manager documentation will be provided by CSI to the various stakeholders of the system in place.

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