Clyo Systems designs collection and management solutions for restaurants, bars, cafes and any type of point of sale.

Our cash-based software manages on-site sales and take-away sales.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Clyo Systems continuously develops the most innovative solutions to ensure maximum efficiency at your point of sale: ultra fast order taking, real-time inventory management, order taking on mobile terminal (Pocket PC), interactive terminal for scrolling the menu, etc.

Present in all French-speaking countries, Clyo Systems helps you to find the most suitable solution to your needs and your means and accompanies you throughout the implementation of your new solution.

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Our website offers:

- an online quote

- technical support

- download a trial version of the Clyo software

- demo videos on the stock module, the cashing module, the statistics module, and the software settings

- the details of the Caisse + Software promotional packs.

Discover our products and promotional packs on our website and get an online quote:

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