Chef & Sommelier colors the tables in 2016

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Chef & Sommelier colors the tables in 2016
Monday, October 24, 2016Description :
Chef & Sommelier, the privileged partner of top-of-the-range hotel and restaurant professionals specializing in tableware, is creating color tables for the first time.

To respond to trends and adapt to customer demand, Chef & Sommelier chooses to enrich its original white collections with pieces in caramel, taupe, black, deep gray and even red colors for Purity cups. The brand chooses to expose to the open day articles with warm hues, perfect to dress the autumn tables.

The Chef & Sommelier's colorful collections will enhance and modernize the white compositions and will enhance all dressings, highlighting both the container and the contents. Between sets of nuances and variations of colors, they open an infinity of associations and thus open creative perspectives.

Chef & Sommelier Warming Up Dinnerware
Breaking with the monotony of monochrome dressing while retaining finesse and sobriety thanks to a minimalist design, the bet is successful with Chef & Sommelier's Purity, Savor and Moon collections. To create a table becomes an art where fantasy and imagination ally to modernize the traditional tables.

Purity breaks the delicate classic codes with colored supports with clean lines and geometric lines.
Plates and cups are available in a wide range of colors and are available in different sizes and volumes. Taupe elegant, caramel gourmand, intense black, chic gray, deep red, as many warm colors that will magnify the compositions.

While combining theatricality and elegance, it is his incontestable fidelity to the neo-gastronomic tradition that distinguishes Savor from other collections. This is evidenced by the bell, emblematic of the "grand restaurant" spirit.
The colors caramel, taupe and black sublime the dishes and awaken the tables making rhyme originality with grace.

"¬Containers that can adapt to the contents" ... This is the spirit of the Moon color collection and the modern supports it presents. The Moon plate, which comes in warm colors like taupe and caramel, focuses attention on dishes thanks to a deep and curved volume.
Perfect for tasting menus, it guarantees an incredible visual and culinary experience.

The Primarific collection combines perfection of forms and authenticity of lines. For chic, modern and original tables, Chef & Sommelier dares a line of cups with precious metallic colors, silver to gold and not to mention bronze.
In addition to the unconventional elegance of glass, this delicate cup has a fine edge for a better feeling in the mouth.

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