CASTALIE Pure Meca Microfiltration System - New Equip'Hotel 2016

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CASTALIE Pure Meca Microfiltration System - New Equip'Hotel 2016
Sunday, July 24, 2016Description :
In collaboration with Elium Studio, a product design studio, CASTALIE has chosen to create a new line that reflects its brand and its water: purity and quality. Elium Studio undertook to erase the technical aspects to create a machine with differentiating design, which comes to shake the market codes: Pure equipment.
About Castalie
 Is a sustainable alternative to bottled water.
In 2016, CASTALIE replaced the consumption of 6 million
Bottles of water in France!

The microfiltration system developed by CASTALIE
Restaurateurs, hoteliers and companies to produce their own water from the water network. Using patented equipment and
Developed by the brand, CASTALIE offers consumers
 Pure water with a perfectly neutral taste.
CASTALIA water is pure, fresh, served flat or sparkling, to taste
 Perfectly neutral.

To discover on the show Equip'Hotel Stand: Pav. 7.3-C081

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