Cashier software COLL'WEB


Cashier software COLL'WEB
Description :

Coll'WEB web-based cash register management tool ---

Created by the company CASHSYSTEMES INDUSTRIE, Coll'Web is a web-based reporting application for catering professionals. Its main use is to consult in real time the turnover of one or more restaurants and their associates, without moving.

Coll'Web makes it possible to centralize all the reports through structured dashboards. Decision-makers, managers and operators have online access to their results and can effectively organize their action plans ...


The "mobile" feature allows the guest, via the use of his Smartphone:

• View the balance from his restaurant account

• View the latest tickets

• Credit your account

If the attached restaurant provides this service, an option also allows you to place food orders online. The latter are then prepared and stored at the point of withdrawal.

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