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The online payment company PayPal has launched, in partnership with Cash Systems Industry, a leader in the distribution and manufacture of Point of Sale Terminals, an innovation in mobile payment. It is now possible to pay his bill directly from his mobile in thirty restaurants and bakeries in Nancy.

"Deployment at the scale of a city : a European and global first"

The mobile payment market has been booming for several months in France. For this launch, PayPal and Cash Systèmes Industrie have chosen Nancy, a city large enough but human-sized, with an active population and many students. In the future, the system should be extended to other cities. In France, 6 million active accounts are claimed by PayPal.

"Two solutions to pay your bill!"

To begin the experience, via the Shopping menu of its mobile application, the customer finds the list of all businesses around him who accept payment by PayPal and all promotions that are proposed. Depending on the business, it then has two possibilities.

The first solution:

Customers can pay via their PayPal account through a photo system, which appears on the merchant terminal, and which allows identification.

The second solution uses Cash@table:

When he wants to pay, no need to ask for the card machine or wait for the change. From his seat, the customer launches the Cash @ table application and identifies himself in the virtual restaurant of the application, then enters his order number on the receipt. He can pay the total amount of the bill or share it, by selecting exactly what he has consumed, leaving the other guests to pay their share with the means of payment they wish.

In both cases, the user receives a PayPal notification at the end of the transaction. As for the restaurant owner, he obviously also receives all the notifications live on his point of sale terminal as well as on his mobile. Professionals equipped with this solution also save time and can organize more efficiently. They can also learn about their customers and offer them promotional offers on the application, provide personalized services and offer a much more fluid and innovative experience.

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