CASH DEV cashing security system


CASH DEV cashing security system
Description :

Security system CASH DEV MINILE

CSI CASH DEV MINI is a compact and fully integrated system that allows customers to pay in cash and solves cash management issues at the point of sale.


CSI CASH DEV MINI is connected to all our NEW POSTS IN VERSION 9.1. When the customer decides to make his payment in cash it is enough for him to insert his coins and notes in the automaton. The change is made automatically. The cashier no longer touches the cash and the transaction is recorded in the system.


• Savings: no need to prepare a cash fund at the beginning of service or recount at the end of the day.

• Security: the risk of theft becomes very low.

• Flexibility: it is possible to go from one cashier to another in a few seconds.

• Hygiene: there is no more manipulation of coins and notes by sellers / cashiers.

• Better customer service: cashiers are no longer worried about cash handling and can focus on customers.

• Improvement of cash management: with the CSI CASH DEV MINI, more cash register errors at the end of the day and the change of currency is done according to the existing stock to optimize the stock of coins and notes.

• Peace of mind: managers or store owners are now sure that all transactions are recorded without risk of internal theft.

• Easy to integrate: The CSI CASH DEV MINI is a compact and fully integrated model for ease of installation at the point of sale.

Acceptance of coins

The CSI CASH DEV MINI accepts loose parts (up to 20 pieces) for quick and easy payment. The change is automatic. The CSI CASH DEV MINI manages / recycles 8 types of coins and rejects foreign or doubtful coins (and notes).

Acceptance of bills

All billsare introduced on the same reader directly by the user for a fast and reliable operation (neither jams nor several readers) .

Technical characteristics

• Bills accepted in the 4 directions of introduction

• 2 categories of recycled tickets: 2 x 100

• Storage cassette: 400 banknotes

• 8 coins accepted, recycled and distributed

• Capacity coins: from 140 to 300 according to category

• Acceptance of loose coins, up to 20 coins

• Dimensions: 650 x 540 x 330 (hxwxd)

• Weight: 60 kg

• Foreign body ejection system (parts)

• Integrated PC and TCP / IP connection (RJ 45)


• 8 touchscreen


All trade having a significant amount of cash payment, with flight problems (internal or external) finds a quick return on investment with this solution:

• bakeries

• small to large distribution

• florists

• takeaway

• butchers

• leisure parks ...

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