BIONIC by Fissler: new line of knives

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BIONIC by Fissler: new line of knives
Tuesday, November 4, 2014Description :

Because the pleasure of cooking starts with the cutting of the ingredients, FISSLER proposes a new collection of knives, BIONIC, for the most experienced kitchen professionals, who know how to appreciate quality utensils!

Cutting, cutting, peeling, chopping, the BIONIC by FISSLER line is revolutionary since knives require no sharpening.

The more they are used, the more they cut. Indeed, with each use, these knives sharpen a little more for a perennial efficiency.

A technology developed from a study conducted on the beaver ...

The beaver, this rodent fond of trees has a very interesting dentition. Its teeth grow very quickly throughout the life of the animal. The outer part of the tooth consists of a layer of hard and thick enamel and the inner part of a denture that wears out permanently. The more the beaver gnaws on the wood, the more its asymmetrically worn dentition is sharpened with a sharp outer part.

On the forged knife, FISSLER has positioned a carbon plate on one side of the blade to cause asymmetrical wear and "self-sharpening". A revolutionary technique, high-end, which allows to forget the rifle and the sharpener, no need to sharpen the knives!

Carving is an art ...

Composed of an anti-corrosive chrome steel base, BIONIC knives are forged in Germany.

To prevent corrosion, it is recommended to wash the knives by hand under running water with a little dishwashing liquid and to dry them thoroughly (from the back of the blade to the sharp edge).


A real centerpiece, "Le Chef Knife" is used to cut, mince, chop and cut into slices, sticks, diced, a multitude of fresh products.

Multi-purpose and more imposing than a traditional knife, it is one of the most handy knives in the kitchen.

The shape of the cutting edge and its delicately rounded line are the main characteristics of the "Chef's Knife".


Universal and versatile, it is equipped with a high and pointed blade with a length of 20 cm. This large blade size allows for easy, clear and precise cutting because the blade remains rigid and stable during cutting. With an exceptional cutting edge, it makes it easy to mince onions, poultry and cabbage.

The curve of the cutting edge makes it possible to chop the food with a simple pendulum movement without fatigue. Ideal for parsley or onions!

The Fissler "Chef's Knife" features a non-slip handle and slightly curved for added safety when in use. Very easy to handle, it is easy to use on a daily basis. The lightness of the knife makes it easy to grip.

An indispensable knife perfectly suited for daily and intensive use.


"Santoku Knife" is often used when preparing fish and crustaceans or meat and vegetables, for mincing, chopping or chopping.

Frequently used by Japanese chefs, for everyday use, its very wide blade makes it possible to pick up the cut pieces and carry them easily to the container.

Kesako? The term "SANTOKU" literally means "three virtues and three good things".

Namely, cut, chop and mince the three good things: meat, fish and vegetables.


The 18 cm long blade, slightly smaller than the "Chef's Knife", allows cutting with exceptional precision.

Very versatile, its blade shape allows to cut finely raw fish with rich flesh (salmon, trout) as well as fragile fruits and mushrooms.

The black color of the handle design, gives it a resolutely contemporary, elegant and discreet.

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