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Come play outside! Nothing beats having great adventures, on your own or with friends. You're in control and you decide what adventure you're going to have. Isn't that cool? And that's how it all started. More than 25 years ago, Henk van den Berg built his own go-kart in the barn of his parents' farm. He and his friends had one adventure after the other. Many children loved his go-kart and wanted one for themselves. So he built a couple more and that's how BERG Toys started. And now, 25 years down the line, BERG Toys has become the ultimate go-kart expert. Our go-karts, in all shapes and sizes, are sold in more than forty countries. From Australia to America and from Africa to Europe: children around the world have so much fun with our products, day in-day out. But we're not doing this on our own. Our dealers are very important to us and you can always contact them if you have any questions. They give you expert advice, have a wide range of go-karts in their showrooms and if you want, you can visit them for an extensive test ride. That makes choosing your go-kart even easier. Apart from go-karts, we also manufacture other outdoor toys such as trampolines, balance bikes and construction toys. And for the real daredevil, we have a real quad! I wish you lots of fun with this new go-kart brochure. Discover the latest models and enjoy them just as much as we enjoyed inventing and making them.

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